Technology Commercialization Speaker Series

"The Story of a Startup Technology Business Serving the Transportation Industry"

Michael D. Heilmann,
Executive Vice President - Business Development
Wi-Tronix, LLC
Bolingbrook, IL

Mike Heilmann is the Executive Vice-President and co-founder of Wi-Tronix. Before founding Wi-Tronix, Mike was a Project Engineer for GM Electro-Motive where he led the development of the IntelliTrain remote monitoring system. Mike is an active member of committees within the Association of American Railroads that establish industry standards for electronic systems. Mike is a former Army Signal Corps Officer. Mike received the BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Penn State in 1989 and the Master of Business Administration degree from Illinois Institute of Technology in 2004.

About Wi-Tronix: Wi-Tronix provides products and services to wirelessly monitor high-value mobile assets such as locomotives, industrial equipment and marine vessels. In the past, mobile meant disconnected. Being disconnected causes great inefficiencies in an enterprise that counts on mobile assets for its core business operations. Advanced commercially available wireless technologies now enable all types of assets to be connected throughout most of the world. Wi-Tronix's mission is to integrate these technologies to enable businesses to improve the operational efficiency, service reliability and safety of high-value mobile assets.