"Moving Research to Realization for Surface Transportation"

CCITT is a USDOT-funded University Transportation Center operated within the Transportation Center in the McCormick School of Engineering. CCITT's mission is to foster the commercialization or implementation of innovative technologies for multiple modes of surface transportation including, but not limited to, railways, mass transit, highways and waterways. To accomplish this mission, CCITT awards funding to Northwestern faculty to conduct translational "innovation gap" research projects that push existing research outcomes closer to the point of adoption and implementation by transportation practitioners.

For more than 50 years Northwestern has demonstrated leadership in the area of interdisciplinary transportation research and education, led by The Transportation Center. In addition to CCITT, Northwestern houses many well-known resources for the transportation field. The Infrastructure Technology Institute is a leader in the transfer of infrastructure technology to the marketplace. The University operates several other noteworthy centers providing resources that impact the transportation community, including the Center for Energy Efficient Transportation, the Center for Operations & Supply Chain Management, the Northwestern Institute for Complex Systems, and the Transportation Library.