Research Overview

CCITT funds university research projects, including proof of concept or prototype development, that "moves research to realization" for the benefit of the public transportation sectors and private sector users, providers and operators. To acheive our goal of fostering the implementation of university transportation research innovations, CCITT seeks research proposals that have the following characteristics:

  • novel, unique, and potentially disruptive technology
  • impacts a problem in the surface transportation network
  • market or need driven projects as defined by transportation practitioners
  • supported by partnerships with or data sources from the practitioner community
  • practical outcomes such proof of concept or prototype development, feasibility demonstrations, research to product risk-reduction studies, etc
  • technical risk reduction primarily, but business risk reduction considered
  • and measurable technology transfer, realization or implementation outcomes, such as milestone achievements, technology licensing, material transfer agreements, prototype development and testing, industrial adoption, etc.