Technology Commercialization Speaker Series

"A Visual Analytics Platform for Analyzing Position and Movement Data"


Dr. Stephen G. Eick
VisTracks, Inc.

the widespread availability of GPS and other location sensitive devices, a new class of data is becoming increasingly available and will be in high demand in the future to optimize a variety of business processes and outcomes. VisTracks (VT) focuses on collecting and making actionable the data involving the position, movement and tracking through time of assets, objects and personnel. VT has created a cloud-based, real-time visual analytics platform for ingesting, analyzing and acting on position and movement data. Some use cases that VisTracks technology can address include:

• Tracking the locations of buses and monitoring passenger load and activity, thereby improving service and asset utilization.
• Identifying which store locations that drivers from demographically favorable neighborhoods pass on their commutes and creating new marketing campaigns that target prospects based on driving patterns
• Routing emergency vehicles during a disaster when multiple roads are closed, even on a real time basis as conditions change
• Sending SMSs to home owners who might be affected by a fast-moving wild fire
• Monitoring remote temperature sensors for perishable goods during shipping and determining whenand where spoilage occurs
• Predicting arrival times and content conditions of ship borne container, thereby improving supply chainvelocity and security
• Dispatching field technicians, tracking their progress and retasking as conditions change
• Collecting data from mobile devices on fixed assets and calculating predictive maintenance intervals

Dr. Stephen G. Eick is the President of VisTracks, Inc., an emerging growth software company he founded focused on Geospatial Business Intelligence. Dr. Eick is a serial entrepreneur and well-known research scientist with over 100 refereed publications. His educational background includes a B.A from Kalamazoo College (1980), M.A. from the University of Wisconsin at Madison (1981), and his Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Minnesota (1985). Dr. Eick is a fellow of the American Statistical Association. He has received 39 patents, and has won many awards for his technology including the Bell Lab's President's award and the 2000 Computer-world Smithsonian award, and an IEEE award.